Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Coming to Copenhagen!

The splendid show poster from Kerascoet!

Excusing the bad grammar above, Accent UK are dusting off their passports to make our first convention appearance of the year and what better place to start than Copenhagen Comics!

One of, if not, our favourite show which is always very different in approach and atmosphere to every other show we do and one we've been attending bi-annually since it started in 2004!! Really looking forward to catching up with our many Scandinavian friends and creators as well as fellow Brits including Garen Ewing and Cliodhna (Ztocial) who are making their own return trips.

That said the move from Summer to Winter may test us so maybe we should seek some local beverages to keep us warm! We'll see! For those attending we're at a large stand - number 23 - at the same central venue as recent years;

Details of all fellow exhibitors can be found here and details of homegrown and international guests here  and here including Tom Gauld who we've not seen recently. The guest list is always electic and apart from Tom (and Garen obviously!) I'm really excited to see Boulet again (John Anderson of UK's Soaring Penguin will be equally delighted), one half of Kerascoet (see poster above and the wonderfully macabre Miss Don't Touch and Beautiful Darkness) and Grzegorz Rosinski of Thorgal fame, of which Scott and I saw a wonderful exhibition of at the Comic Art Museum in Brussels a couple of years ago!


Hopefully there will be some new discoveries too!

Both my wee Moments of Adventure and the WesterNoir trade will be making their Danish debut along with, I think, 6 releases since our last trip, so something new for everyone!

Sadly in a very late development, Gary Crutchley is now having to miss the trip which he was eagerly looking forward to and will watch proceedings from afar and hold the Accent UK fort at this end. We'll be thinking of you Gary and trying not to enjoy ourselves too much!

Right, off we go! 

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Back from Berlin?

Mmm a wee trip to Berlin was preceeded by some exciting news which can't yet be revealed but is keeping me oh so quiet and very busy from updating so here's a few scenic shots.....


Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Burns Nicht the Nicht!

Today's 'Burns Nicht' when folks celebrate the life of Scotland's National poet, Robert 'Rabbie' Burns and as tradition demands we will be tucking into some home cooked haggis tonight, as freshly caught during my last trip home :)

We generally are away at Burns night (and have a trip planned this weekend) and am reminded of a couple of years ago in 2013 when we managed to be in Edinburgh for Burn's night when thankfully the weather was fairly mild. The City though had several Burn's celebratory events on including a couple of costumed readings of his work which I though would be good to share here, including a willing volunteer to a reading of 'A Red Red Rose'!


At the Museum of Scotland the same day, they also had several events including a lively re-enactment of Tam o'Shanter, readings and a wee concert from Amy MacDonald! Enjoy your own Burns nicht, however you celebrate it!


Oh and keeping with comics, this recent graphic novel lifts the lid on the bard's previously unknown life as Scotland's Witch Hunter! It's delightful riotous fun, find out more from the BBC and order it here!

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Zulu War Comic Scenes!

Following up my earlier 'pictorial' post of the actual Zulu battlefield sites, here's my own recreations featuring in my trilogy of Zulu War related comic strips. Written and illustrated by me, colours by the rather talented Matt Soffe;

iSandlwana from 'Day of the Dead Moon' strip from Moments of Adventure 1
Rorke's Drift from 'Water Cart Rescue' strip from forthcoming collection

Rorke's Drift (after the battle) from 'Pointy Heads' strip from forthcoming collection

Zulu 138 years ago!

Today marks the 138th anniversary of the Battles of iSandlwana and Rorke's Drift and while I reflect on these events which still resonate over the intervening year's I'd like to share a few pictures of the evocative sites from the 2010 and 2014 trips I was fortunate enough to make.

Previous reflections and more pictures can be found here, here and here, thanks for visiting.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

2017 Tour to be announced!


Well it's been a real hive of activity at Accent UK Towers these last few weeks as our 2017 'tour' schedule is taking shape with much computer stress, checking of schedules and journey logistics, it's not a cup of tea I can tell you.

However it looks likely that we'll equal if not beat last year's record breaking number of 16 shows, although with much duplication of dates etc, one or two shows will sadly be missing from our final schedule while others require us to 'split the band' and attend two shows the same weekend such is the current state of the crammed UK & European comic convention circuit!

In all though, quite a nice problem to have as Dave and I enter our 15th year of comics creating under the Accent UK banner! Watch this space for confirmation of our 2017 dates and in the meantime here's a few random scenes of our encounters on our travels! 




Ha! And if you've made it this far you may, from the top, Belfast, Aberdeen, Birmingham (2), Copenhagen, Helsinki, Dundee, Blackpool, New York, Copenhagen (3), Glasgow, Lincoln, Helsinki & New York!!